About Us - Scovill's Landscape Contractors
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Our Team


Through the duration of your project you will see the difference in our professionally trained crew. Scovill’s is dedicated to their employees in providing them with the proper tools, teamwork skills, and hands on training.


Most landscape companies take the winter off. Not Scovill’s. Scovill’s team spends their time fixing and servicing their equipment and most importantly spends time in the classroom. Scovill’s believes that in order to deliver a quality product, the crews must be trained continuously on keeping up with the latest techniques and trends.  Scovill’s is proud of the hard work, integrity, and efforts each and every employee puts into their work.

Our History

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In 1969 Art Scovill started doing tree removal part time while he studied at the University of Connecticut for his horticulture degree. When he graduated in 1972, he started his own company, Scovill’s Landscape Contactors, and built it while he worked for the state of Connecticut on soil conservation services and building wildlife ponds. By 1979 Scovill’s began to expand and Art decided to begin designing and building landscapes full time.


In 1983 Art built the Garden Center and started a retail division at Scovill’s. Three years later, in 1986, he married Sue and they raised three children. Throughout the years all three children, Kelly, Elizabeth, and Tyler, all worked at the Garden Center and helped out with the family business. The girls pursued other careers while Tyler stuck with the family business. Tyler was always into the landscape side of the business and decided to take it to the next level by taking design and paver classes.


Tyler’s education and experience give him the expertise to provide clients with the highest level of customer service and quality in landscape design. Tyler and Art both share the core values that passion, teamwork, and and dedication are essential to be a successful landscape company.Tyler has set a code of conduct for every job that stands behind Scovill’s vision.

Proud members of:

Connecticut Nursery Landscape Association